Choosing Your Perfect Winter Wedding Gown
Choosing Your Perfect Winter Wedding Gown

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Monday, 20 December 2021

Traditionally, we associate weddings with the warmer months. However, more brides are seeing the benefits of a Winter wedding.

The reasons to have a winter wedding are plentiful - especially if you live in Scotland! With our stunning architecture, from towers and castles to estate lodges, your wedding can enjoy the perfect fairytale backdrop. Why not even break from the traditional obligatory champagne and instead serve some mulled wine for that warm, cosy feeling.

What Should You Wear to Your Winter Wedding?

Now that you’ve decided when to have your wedding, you might be asking, ‘what do I wear to a winter wedding?’. Well, The Bridal Studio have you covered. Here are some of our favourite styles of wedding dresses and accessories that are guaranteed to leave you feeling warm during your big day!

Winter Wedding Dresses

When it comes to choosing your winter wedding dress, bridal designers have taken considerations for the cooler weather. So, here are some ways to modify your gown to make it suitable for the winter weather.

  1. Sleeves

Who doesn’t love a long-sleeved bridal gown? Not only are they beautiful, but they’ll also work as a barrier between your skin and the cold winter air.

For those who aren’t sold on the idea of full-length sleeves, why not go for a dress with removable sleeves? The Bridal Studio Dollar is currently hosting dresses like this by Freda Bennet.

  1. Removable Overdress

The thought of having two dresses for your winter wedding is very satisfying. But what if we told you that one dress could work as two? To do this, why not opt for a wedding dress with removable overdress? The Bridal Studio in Dollar hosts such dresses by Freda Bennet. For more information, ask us about the Kinsley Coat or the Sophia and Selma overdresses.

Winter Wedding Accessories

Of course, a winter wedding dress wouldn’t be complete without cosy accessories to give you that extra piece of warmth!

  1. Hand-Warmers

It may seem obvious, but hand-warmers are a super cute, stylish and easy way to keep you warm while elevating your bridal look. These will be perfect if you’d like to take some pictures outdoors, but don’t feel like freezing your fingers off!

We recommend styling a hand-warmer with the Vicky gown by Ronald Joyce, which you can find at our store, located in Dollar.

  1. Shrugs/ Shawls

If you’re looking for something easily removable, why not purchase a shrug or shawl for your wedding day? We love this wedding idea, as it allows you to play with your wedding theme, matching your cape to your colour scheme or even to the dress.

You can even coordinate your shawls to your wedding party, and it would also serve as a lovely gift that they can use in future!

  1. Hats

Hats are a unique way to keep warm at your wedding. Of course, the concept of hats to keep you warm in the winter isn’t new, but it’s an accessory that you wouldn’t first think of when considering a traditional ‘bridal look’. An added plus? They’ll look super on-brand with a winter wonderland wedding.

Say I Do to a Winter Wedding!

Whether you choose to have a summer or winter wedding, giving The Bridal Studio Dollar a visit is a must!

When you choose our store, you will have the choice of circa. 130 dresses and a 2-hour private appointment with the owner, Lesley, who has award-winning service. During your consultation, she’ll help you find your dream dress. By having the entire studio to yourself, you can rest assured that the wedding dress shop will be a magical occasion for all.

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